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Meru People’s First Newsletter 22.09.2006


Wedding Announcements

s/o Vipin & Nisha G/S of Savitaben & Nathalal Bhoja Savla
Sonal d/o Jyoti & Rajni Velji Haria
On 29 July 2006 at 4.00pm at Visa Oshwal Mahajanvadi, Limuru Road, Nairobi

Khilna d/o Manjula & Mahendra, g/d of Savitaben & Chunilal Hemraj Zakharia
Sohin s/o Shashikala & Bharat Premchand Malde
On Sat 12 August 06 at 10.01am at Visa Oshwal Mahajanvadi, Limuru Road, Nairobi

Shamir s/o Indira & Pravin g/s of Maniben & Hemraj Lakhman Gada
Shivani d/o Daksha & Mahendra Nemchand Sumaria
On Thur 10 Aug 2006 at 2.00pm at Oshwal Centre Nairobi

MERU Reunion 2006

On Saturday 9th September 2006 from 5.00pm till 11.30pm.  Anju, Sobhag and rest of the family members organised a Meru Re-Union at Kadwa Patidar Samaj on Kenmore Avenue Kenton. Around 600 people of all age groups attended.

Food was catered by Damuben of Dips Catering, Soft drinks & juices, part of beers and hard drinks were organised, supplied and served by Sobhag’s friends Manju & Manoj Patel as compliments from them.

On site photographs were taken by Sobhag’s brother In law Jay Mistry free of charge. On site video was taken by Rajiv (mr Kakars youngest son) and Vrush free of charge. Exhibition displayed photographs of the deceased with description; Njuri Cheke Street of Meru; old schools, teachers and pupils; around Meru, Kenya’s past and current Presidents, Old writings from books on Meru. To organise this exhibition, Anju & Sobhag received help from Kirit Hansraj, Preeti, Pooja Rasik, Sushma and Sunil Ratilal, which is appreciated a lot. Presentation, photographs amendments and all went with it, came with hard work of Jay Mistry.
The function was a 100% success.
Cost of Hall, food and DJ came to                                        £5,900
Collection @ £5.00 per person plus few extras came to        £2,690 
Leaving short fall of                                                            £3,210

After the function people have realised the shortfall and started contributing towards the loss:
Sobhag and family                                                              £500
Pardeep Kakar                                                                     £50
Khimjibhai & Taraben                                                          £50
Harshad & Pravin Bhatt                                                       £50

As at 15.09.06 there still  remains shortfall of                      £2,560
Any person willing to contribute can still do so.



Govindji Pethraj Shah Aged around 67 passed away in Nairobi on Wed 13 Sept 2006
leaving Champaben, Rajesh & Biren


Further good news

Jay Mistry has not taken rest from exhaustion of the exhibition and he has presented us with a brand
new created Web site for Meru people.

Web site is called
You all can visit the site and pass this message to all other Meru related people to do so.
At the site you will find basic information and a form to be filled and send to the Secretary on site for your registration. On receipt of this completed form, you will be informed of your Membership number and Password for you to visit the rest of site.

The site is expected to contain description on Meru, About the organisation, Media by photographs and video, family trees, communications and the latest News on Meru people weather in Meru, Nairobi, UK or any where
in the world.

For any problem or clarification, please contact by e-mail
Or telephone 020-89312924.


Any other participants to take part will be welcome and further positive ideas.